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Akka posted 28 December 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAkka by Mandati Wannabe, Candidate

Quote: "Shell":2wtyngsg
Brienne of Tarth,

I just finished TTT about 3 hours ago, and I absolutely agree with you. I loath Esmi by the end because she can't just say "Akka, its over." Its like she tortures him with looks and nonlooks and nonverbal language.[/quote:2wtyngsg]

I don't think Esmi is capable of saying "It's over." Throughout the trilogy, she has been attached to more than just Achamian. One example that comes to mind is early in TWP. When Sarcellus encounters them in the ruins, away from the Holy War, Esmi is secretly desiring Sarcellus to take her with him. I also vaguely remember her weeping over a lost customer from TDTCB. Esmi seems to be incapable of letting go of anything. view post


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