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'The Great Ordeal' or 'Horns of Golgotterath'? posted 20 December 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]'The Great Ordeal' or 'Horns of Golgotterath'? by Hear Me Roar, Candidate

Well, now we're turning this into a best scene thread...damn, so many.

I love the battle where Cnaiur realizes Conphas has a school with him and disaster ensues.

I love any scene where Conphas doesn't buy Kellhus' story and condescends everyone.

The scene where the thing called Skaeos freaks out at the site of Akka and we are introduced to the skin spies.

too many to name...

But my favorite has to be when Akka, thanks to his Wathi Doll gets lose and reigns gnostic wreckage on that stronghold. Sweet revenge view post


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