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The terms Wizard vs. Sorceror posted 11 December 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe terms Wizard vs. Sorceror by JGoose, Commoner

I am just pointing out an observation of mine here... In the Prince of Nothing series, the term sorceror applies to those who can use magic either gnostic or anagogic and is affiliated with one of the many schools in Earwa. Whereas a Wizard is the same being just not affiliated with a school and is generally looked at as a something you dont want to be for fear of persecution etc.
In other books such as Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series a Wizard is the highest magical being and doesnt have a school and sorcerors (specifically in Butchers novels) are looked at as lesser beings (specifically with only the magical talents to destroy things). Also Merlin (most notably from Once and Future King and many other fantasy novels) is a Wizard and although not affiliated with any school is not persecuted or treated as a lesser magical being for him being a Wizard.
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