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Any up coming Novels with entirety Of THe Apocalypse? posted 10 December 2007 in Author Q & AAny up coming Novels with entirety Of THe Apocalypse? by Cohen, Peralogue

I definitely think that Bakker has set up for that, but when he gets through this series I have a feeling that it might be redundant. If facts such as The Ark of the Skies ie. it's origins and what the hell it actually is. I mean Bakker seems to be bringing our world into his which disappoints me slightly, there are allot of suspect things in the first three novels.
The Heron Spear sounds eerily familiar(GUN?)
The Ark of the Skies, well it's obviously a space craft of some sorts.

The allure for me to keep reading these books is to get some answers on the history of Earwa, I am hoping we get the back story in the next series he's currently writing, if I don't get the whole story in the next series I will surely be disappointed, if not jaded. view post


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