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Just finished Thousandfold Thought posted 05 December 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtJust finished Thousandfold Thought by Cohen, Peralogue

Quote: "JGoose":19cnf4ku

1. Can someone explain the Thousandfold Thought to me in dumbed down terms? I read the books and I got the general gist of the Dunyain way of life etc but the Thousandfold Thought still illudes me..[/quote:19cnf4ku]

I should let some of the more intellectuals on this site handle this question but I believe I might be able to help, it is the ability to see the many threads of reaction to an action/actions, think of it like a pool of water, drop a stone and watch the ripple effect, the logos deals with this concept, the ability to see the ripple effect of an action before said action is done. Now take a handfull of stones and throw them into the pool, the thousandfold thought covers this concept, the ability to see multiple actions and there effects prior to said actions. It's opening ones mind to every concievable action to acheive the desired effect at one time. The ultimate in Dunyain existence.

Of course I may be off base but as I write this I feel that I have acheived in dumming this down to a simple paragraph.

I am now patting myself on my back. view post


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