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Just finished Thousandfold Thought posted 05 December 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtJust finished Thousandfold Thought by Cohen, Peralogue

Quote: "JGoose":p53p9cga

3. What happened to my deranged buddy Cnaiur? I read that he killed with his ultimate deed done? Where does he go now? What about him and Kellhus?

Yes indeed, what about poor deranged Cnauir? He's probably shacked up with the consult somewhere shaggin skin spies and whatnot. he was in cahouts with the consult at the end of TTT so we can only guess that he might pop up in the following books, an old instigator to possibly make life hard on Kellhus, or to do some dirty work. With the Consults magical devices and such who knows, there could be a whole army of Sclyvendi trouble makers in the next series.

But I can only assume these issues, the consult might have just killed him after his usefullness ran out. view post


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