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Just finished Thousandfold Thought posted 05 December 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtJust finished Thousandfold Thought by Cohen, Peralogue

Quote: "JGoose":281ikfa4
5. Was Maithanent and Moenghus in it together all along to set up Kellhus as the Aspect Emperor? Was the plan to establish one kingdom...Moengus said something to the likes of with Inrithi and Fane the Thousandfold Thought or the Dunyain cant exist or something like that...

It is the effort of the Consult to shut the world, close it off from the outside that is what threatens the Dunyain and that is why Moengus summoned his son, it is also why Maithenet(Moengus's other half son) called for the Holy war, so yes it was all a master plan to have Kellhus become AE.

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