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What do you listen to? posted 26 July 2004 in Author Q & AWhat do you listen to? by Orion_metalhead, Auditor

Quote: "Cu'jara Cinmoi":1g7ynb6w
I'll listen to pretty much anything, so long as it has some kind of spark, but my tastes run to the heavier end of the spectrum. My fav band of all time is Sabbath. The Melvins come in a close second (at the moment). Some of my other favs include CoC, Monster Magnet, and Tool - which I listen to obsessively whenever I write philosophy.

BTW, 'Orion' has gotta be one of my top ten instrumental favs. MoP rules![/quote:1g7ynb6w]

thats cool. seems we have a similar interest in music. though i too must admit that Sabbath is one of the greatest bands ever.

yes, its quite a song thought in all actuality, i prefer Call of Ktulu more. Orion just has a better "ring" to it. view post


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