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Finished TTT today - my thoughts... Holy War as training - posted 25 November 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtFinished TTT today - my thoughts... Holy War as training - by Angainawen, Candidate

I have only read the books once through so far, though after I actually purchase them I will be rereading them much more, but from the very beginning I knew something was off with Kellhus and the Anasurimbor line. That very first passage set both the tone of the book and also the character of Kellhus, even though Kellhus is ignorant of his past. Bakker, as I am sure many have said in similar if not exact words, has crafted a stunning piece of literature with all its nuances. Like Callen, Akka from the beginning won my heart more than Kellhus mainly because Dunyain apathy is something that terrifies me in its resoluteness. But I took from TTT that Moenghus set the Holy War as the training ground to stop the Second Apocalypse and in doing so became like the No-God himself. I am still on the fence on whether Kellhus is evil or amoral or savior; I believe that it's safe to assume that Akka is omnisciently telling the story and therefore the negative slant in Kellhus' portrayal is because of Akka's own perception, so I am open to the idea that Kellhus is really good. view post


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