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Logos is theft posted 21 November 2007 in The Warrior ProphetLogos is theft by Israfel, Peralogue

Not sure I'm getting the way people are construing the issue here, but the way I saw it, the Logos, or rather the Dunyain's use of it to make the rest of the world their slaves rather than just "slaves of the world" (as they put it) was not so much theft - though they are certainly stealing other's usual volition, as far as that goes - as getting ignoring/doing away with a problem of morality that crops up sometimes; that there is a difference for you morally between killing someone yourself and letting them die. Or of someone else killing someone or you killing them. It says if someone else isn't as aware of their actions as you, or if their actions can be manipulated by you instead of by events that just happen, you are fully justified in taking advantage of that and using any means to achieve your aims. So I'd say the theft comes from a deeper source really... view post


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