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Finished TTT today - my thoughts... Holy War as training - posted 07 November 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtFinished TTT today - my thoughts... Holy War as training - by Callan S., Auditor

Acha carried me through the books - when Kelhus leaves behind the trapper who saved his life, I took a backstep. When he latter killed the child who spotted his group, I took him to be an empty killer - more like an avalanche than a character. He happens to people, rather than interacts with them, like a storm or an earth quake happens to people.

Anyway, in terms of the war remember Moenghus realised the spiritual world (or whatever you'd call it) existed - and that by killing enough people, the link to it could be severed. Removing the potential for salvation...and more importantly, damnation. And Moenghus knew he was damned. The war was the first staging ground of mass butcherings for this purpose. And it would lead his son to learn the truth of the matter...sadly for Moenghus, Kelhus was more than truth at the end. view post


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