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Nothing against female Fantasy authors but... posted 29 October 2007 in Literature DiscussionNothing against female Fantasy authors but... by Altarego, Commoner

Michelle West is the best female author I've ever read - probably one of my favorite authors in general.

She wrote the Hunter's Oath duology and the Sun Sword series. The focus is on a massive back story/history that is only slowly, painstakingly revealed by reading the entire series. They're complex and a bit difficult to get into, but well worth the effort. Read some of the heartfelt reviews on Amazon for perspective.

She also publishes under Michelle Sagara for her "Cast" series. Though no less enjoyable, it is geared to a younger, female audience. It's a very loose interpretation of a street police beat-type storyline set completely in fantasy. They can often be as challenging as her other works. view post


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