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There are 'no gods' posted 05 October 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThere are 'no gods' by ErebusRed, Candidate

I suspect that the belief systems of the people of Earwa bear little resemblence to the true scheme of things. It is possible that the Gods do not exist at all, but are all creations of the various cultures. Just as in real life the depth, complexity and popularity of religion does not necessarily denote for a fact that any God exists.

Akka seems (to me) the most ethical character - and part of this is his concern for the well-being on this world, this life, rather than some imagined hereafter. In fact he clings to his damnation and muses that he may be more righteous than those who strive for glory.

The Consult schemes could revolve around a more profound understanding of the real cosmology of things than the people of Earwa can grasp. The heroes have perhaps framed the Consult's goals in the context of their own beliefs - mistakenly.

Might it not also be possible therefore that the No-God is not 'evil' in the traditional sense, merely a force manipulated by the real villians the Consult.

This may be why it's so hard to understand what the No-God is. As we are seeing the issue from a flawed theological position. view post


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