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Finished TTT today - my thoughts... Holy War as training - posted 03 October 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtFinished TTT today - my thoughts... Holy War as training - by ErebusRed, Candidate

So... as it struck me the Holy War experience was like a contrived training exercise both for Kellhus and the Inrithi (also the Fanim?) armies to steel themselves for the new advent of the No-God. To become the people they needed to be in order to face the second apocalypse. A training exercise that had been devised (or usurped from the Consult) by Maithanet and Moenghus.

Often in the narrative we hear about how the Inrithi warriors have become these iron men as a result of their experiences. I think their development was as crucial as the development of Kellhus. To become 'less numerous but more radiant than the old' as Akka views the new caste-nobility.

But despite the profound cleverness of this plan, several things changed the context of the whole process...

Kellhus had been touched by something from the Outside. What he was pretending to be - he actually was.

And most potently Akka discovered that humanity, love - being free, being 'human' was of greater value than the whole world and it's fate.

Just my perception of it. Great books, Mr Bakker... great books : ) view post


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