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Who would you cast in a Prince of Nothing movie? posted 19 September 2007 in General DiscusssionWho would you cast in a Prince of Nothing movie? by TheDarkness, Peralogue

I actually like your idea about Mel Gibson. It never would have entered my mind to cast him, and my initial reaction was not favorable, but i think he can pull it off.

I have thought about this alot. But i have not been able to really place physical faces on the characters. one of the great things about reading is you dont have to, they can morph and change as the story does. But I have always seen Akka as dark and brooding. Somthing like that giant form harry potter or the dwarf from LOTR. but somehwere in between those two sizes and fatter.

I think Kellhus, Cnaur, and Esmi are the other most important characters to cast, but ill have to get back on who i think should play them i ill research your suggestions, since i havent heard of some of those actors. view post


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