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Maithanet posted 30 August 2007 in The Judging EyeMaithanet by anor277, Didact

Quote: "Cohen":318n3yn5
I feel foolish for not suspecting Maithenet to be Dunyain in the first place, his mannerism and the way he could incite with his voice and all seems so clear in hindsight.[/quote:318n3yn5]

That has occurred to me before as well. But I think we are being a little hard on ourselves. Maithenet was an extraordinary individual. From nowhere he had assumed control of the 1000 temples, and it was also known that he was arguably one of the few (or a skin spy) by his recognition of Achamian. But nothing was given away in regards to Maithenet's identity: no clues; no hints; he could simply have been a natural talent. Contrast this with Moenghus/Mallahet, were the clues were pretty much overt, so overt thqt I was inclined to dismiss them.

But to the topic at hand, in my opinion Maithenet will be only one of Kellhus's counsellors in the new cabinet, perhaps the spiritual leader as he is now and of course completely in league with the shortest path to save the world from being closed. But again I must say how disappointed I am that we will miss 20 years of progress, unless the majority of the first book will be recapping those lost years. The ending of TTT sure left me with allot of questions.

Quite possibly there will be a lot of passages quoted from other "works" (maybe authored by Achamian) in each of the chapter headings, that will serve to fill us in on the interregnum. But then again at the end of TTT Kellhus "owned" the world - he held the allegiance (and possibly worship) of if not all the Three Seas rulers, then their heirs. By the beginning of the next novels, Conphas, Saubon, etc would now be rulers of their nations. Maithanet's role is ambivalent; I feel sure he will support Kellhus (though for other reasons than worship). view post


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