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Three Seas: Total War - Your Thoughts? posted 09 August 2007 in General DiscusssionThree Seas: Total War - Your Thoughts? by coobek, Candidate

I believe that Earwa is a perfect seting for almost any kind of game save car racing (even space shoot-out is more propable via Inchoroi)

My favourite would certainly be the master of 2.5D (almost 3D) Duke Nukem inside the Incu-Holoinas. The Sranc are perfect for low level cannon fodder. Than come the Bashrag, Scylvendi, Wraccu, Non-men and finally the Inchoroi or even No-God himself.

But hey! He IS Duke Nukem - he likes to kick ass and chew gum - and he is all out of gum (read "all circumstances bow before him" or was it all chicks?) view post


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