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Is Kelhus a criticism of Jesus/religion? posted 04 August 2007 in Author Q & AIs Kelhus a criticism of Jesus/religion? by Madness, Peralogue

You have to understand I was never insinuating that Kellhus will become a "good" character. Though neither is he an "evil" one. Cû'jara Cinmoi has the resolve and tenacity to write his entire epic into the darkest corners of our imagination. Though my own belief/hope is that he will write Kellhus to be a "good" character, and again only if Cû'jara Cinmoi decides to write of a man who was once Dûnyain, I just meant that he is representing his belief of goodness in a skewed, blurry opposite of the dark. There are heroes in this epic, men and women who, though increasingly human, hold fast to the dream of a humankind with no fear. Hold tight to Seswatha. He dreamed the dream.

In all speculations we have to remember that the Prince of Nothing is something of a prologue. An introduction to the true tale. It was intended to be the first book of a trilogy. I firmly believe we have absolutly no clue where Cû'jara Cinmoi will take us from here. It could be he will write an epic fantasy one where Humankind and Nonmen triumph over the Consult and Inchoroi. It could be he takes an entirely philosophical route in the later novels. Kellhus could manage to make Eärwa his sphere of dominance, controlled entirely through his will and desire. The groundwork for both is laid out in the Thousandfold Thought glossary. If the released second title of The Aspect-Emperor is the title proper and not a counterfeit, there is much insinuated as to where he could be taking us. The Horns of Golgotterath. Cû'jara Cinmoi's tale might never return to the Three Seas. view post


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