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Is Kelhus a criticism of Jesus/religion? posted 04 August 2007 in Author Q & AIs Kelhus a criticism of Jesus/religion? by cloust, Commoner

for clarification, i didn't mean any of my comments as criticisms of Scott or his books. I'm an avid fan of his books, i've read them several times.

I guess it interests me that some of the people that the characters in the book see as heroes are really diabolical (like Kellus.) The followers in the book are tricked. They're fools, just like people in the real world can be fools who follow blindly.

A part of that criticism is religious. The people follow false prophets, and their rise to near divinity closely models stories of prophets in the real world. So its a criticism of a broad spectrum, politics and religion.

But I can't spot the light at the end of the tunnel. The revelation that sets humanity back on the right track. If anything the followers in the books just fall more and more under the spell of the liars and deceivers. With the one exception being Achamian, and that happens on the last few pages of the last book.

When does humanity get a chance to redeem itself? Maybe Scott just wants to hold up a mirror to us, but where's the hope in that?

As for living in north america, i live in Lebanon, and i get to see reality up close. view post


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