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Kelhus vs ... posted 03 August 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKelhus vs ... by Mulliman, Commoner

Quote: "Gravity Gun":32lw4mas
Kellhus vs. Satan? Kellhus hands down! I mean think about all the issues Satan must have, what with the teenage rebellion, parental abandonment, insecurity with body-image (those horns, and pitch-fork? That's so 90s!). Put the Prince of Darkness on a couch and give Kellhus 20 minutes to psychoanalyze Him, and Satan will be crying his eyeballs out...

But which Satan are we talking about? My favourite (if you can call it that) Satan is the intelligent kind from the Lucifer and Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman.

Lucifer in that series has domination through intellect as his prime ability. So does Kellhus. Since Lucifer has had multiple man's ages to develop, I would say that Lucifer would win. And obviously Kellhus would become his tool. Too valuable to die. view post


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