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Holy War/Crusades similarities posted 02 August 2007 in General DiscusssionHoly War/Crusades similarities by xatantius, Candidate

I always knew Bakker took existing events for the PoN storyline, but I was surprised to what extent. I researched the Crusades recently and found very glaring similarities to the Holy War, aside form the obvious conflict between religions and nations. e.g.
The Byzantine Emperor at the time of the Crusades, Alexius I, made the leaders of the Crusades sign a treaty giving all lands conquered to the Byzantine Empire in exchange for provisions-sound familiar?
The People's Crusade was a 100,000-strong 'army' of peasants, women and old men led by a glory-seeking monk named Peter the Hermit, most of whom were massacred by the Turks and Seljuks-sound familiar?
During the Siege of Antioch in 1097, Bohemund of Taranto bribed a city guard for entrance to one of the city's towers and gained control of the city-sound familiar?
Personally, i think the following seems correct;
Nansur-Byzantine Empire
Ce Tydonn-Holy Roman Empire
High Ainon-Italy
Thunyerus-Nordic nations

This isn't a criticism of his work, it just seems odd no-one's noticed this before. view post


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