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Moënghus won by losing, fooled everybody posted 25 July 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMoënghus won by losing, fooled everybody by Nerdanel, Peralogue

I think Moënghus is currently suffering from severe underappreciation on this forum. I think Kellhus underestimated his daddy, and most readers then bought his reasoning as canon. But Kellhus isn't infallible, especially when going against another Dûnyain.

I think nobody disagrees that Mallahet = Moënghus, so I'm skipping the evidence for that.

Quote: "Cememketri":1sago7ly
Mallahet is second only to Seokti in the Cishaurim. And then only because their Prophetic Law bars non-Kianene from the position of the Heresiarch. Even the Cishaurim are fearful of his power!

That doesn't square at all with Kellhus's estimation that Moënghus was weak:

Quote: "Kellhus":1sago7ly
Seökti and the others respect you. Indeed, as Mallahet you have a reputation that reaches across Kian and beyond. But secretly, they all think you cursed by the Solitary God. Why else would the Water elude you?

[...] For years you waged futile war against circumstance and though your intellect could astound those around you and earn you access to their most privileged counsels, the instant they found themselves beyond the force of your presence, the undermining whispers were rekindled. "He is weak."[/quote:1sago7ly]

Considering that Kellhus's reasoning is inference based on what he knows and that his primary source is Achamian, I'm more inclined to trust Cememketri and believe that Moënghus is the most powerful Cishaurim ever. The Cishaurim are Cememketri's ancestral enemy and ever-present foreign relations issue, not Achamian's. Achamian may know a good bit about everything, but that's not the same thing as knowing everything. And none of the Inrithi are particularly knowledgeable of the finer points of Psûkhe and its compatibility with the Dûnyain.

And, Kellhus himself has first-hand knowledge that Moënghus has fanatical followers among the Cishaurim, such as the one that delivered him the message about the Thousandfold Thought.

Quote: "Kellhus":1sago7ly
And without your eyes, your ability to discern what comes before is much reduced. The snakes are but pinholes. [...]

Then, about twelve years ago, you discovered the first of the Consult skin-spies - probably through discrepancies in their voices.[/quote:1sago7ly]

Kellhus is forgetting/never heard of one thing, namely that snakes, unlike humans, have an excellent sense of smell. My guess is that the all the Cishaurim can smell out the skin-spies. I don't think the Consult would have been unable to infiltrate the sizable territory controlled by the Fanim if it had been just Moënghus alone. At worst, the skin-spies would have been forced to mimic mute people. (And if you don't believe in the scent theory, my second-most plausible choice is that Moënghus is able to do some sort of astral travel thing to scan people's souls. It isn't nearly as elegant and likely as the scent, thought.)

Then there's the issue of smelling emotions. I've heard dogs can smell fear. I have no idea about the rest of the feelings, but if they can be smelled, count on Moënghus being able to do so.

Quote: "Moënghus":1sago7ly
I have some facility for those elements of Psûkhe that require more subtlety than power. Scrying, Calling, Translating...[/quote:1sago7ly]

Unsaid: Illusion, Possession... (Remember Aurang.) Even if you believe that Moënghus isn't very powerful in the Water and isn't misleading Kellhus to underestimate him about that, he can still pack a punch.

A particularly interesting detail is how Serwë and Cnaiür appeared just after Kellhus had stabbed Moënghus. That level of coincidence suggests planning, and if you remember that both Kellhus and Cnaiür had been summoned there by Moënghus...

You know, I think the Moënghus Kellhus is talking to isn't really Moënghus. I think he's possing someone his height and relying on illusion for the rest. I think he arranged the meeting with Kellhus fully intending to get "killed" so that Kellhus would think himself forevermore free from his father's manipulation, thus making him controllable. And I think he probably used possession to make Kellhus stab him at exactly the right moment, so that Kellhus thought it was his idea.

I do think Moënghus was the big winner of the trilogy. He controls the Shriah and (indirectly) the Aspect-Emperor. I also suspect he or a puppet of his may become the Heresiarch now that Seökti is dead. Mallahet's rivals have died mostly defending Shimeh, so that he could finally overwrite that pesky rule about the non-Kianene without too much opposition. That about wraps it up for the control of the formerly-fractitious Three Seas. Char and ruin here we come! view post


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