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Is Kelhus a criticism of Jesus/religion? posted 20 July 2007 in Author Q & AIs Kelhus a criticism of Jesus/religion? by xatantius, Candidate

I think you've got a good point saying that Kellhus is a representation of Jesus. I think Bakker has quite deliberately mirrored elemnts of the real world in PoN. For example, the Holy War between Inrithism and Fanimry is a clear parallel of the Crusades between Christians and Muslims, and like you said the Circumfix is pretty obviously another version of a crucifix.
I think Bakker has deliberately made these comparisons pretty blatant to better get his message across-to show how easy it is for people to be fooled into believing what others tell them, and to showthe ignorance of the masses when it comes to religion.
So I don't think PoN is anti-Christian, per se. Anti-religion, perhaps. It's one of those questions that can have lots of answers. view post


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