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OK Creation - but why? posted 17 July 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionOK Creation - but why? by Zarathinius, Auditor

Some believe that a Creator is necessary, because nothing comes from nothing (i.e., the universe couldn't simply pop into existence). Thermodynamics and all that jazz.

However, in the absence of an extant universe, do universal laws still exist? By "absence", I mean less than empty space, less than even the absence of matter and energy.

Here is a little parable I read somewhere that describes what I mean quite beautifully:

"Before the universe was formed, Something and Nothing decided to flip a coin to see which one of them would be the one to fill the void. But in order for a coin to be flipped, Something (namely, the coin) had to exist. Therefore, we are here today because Something is a dirty cheater."

In my own words, the universe came into being because there was nothing to stop it doing so. Now that it exists, the laws of physics exist as part of it, and things like spontaneous creation just don't happen anymore, so long as it exists.

I present all of the above as evidence that God is a crazy woman. view post


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