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Women In the Three Seas posted 20 July 2004 in Author Q & AWomen In the Three Seas by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

What happens in history is contingent, as well as what is told about what happens in history. The former means that any event is contingent and was not an inevitable outcome. The implications of that are not moral relativism, which we finally fleshed out way better in the paper, but a destablization of the teleology of progress and de-centering of the individual, autonomous, unified subject. It is from there that we move beyond add women and stir. It's still vague here, but there is a reason the paper's 40 pages! I'm sure we'll get mauled at the conference.

The Warrior Princess. Would you mind describing what exactly you have in mind as that archetype? She’s usually virginal for one, right? Or man-less. A depiction that I read recently that I really liked, which is not warrior princess, but fighting woman, is those two female marine in Erikson's Memories of Ice. The ones guarding Silverfox. I thought they were amazing. When they finally pulled out their swords, fought and got butchered I almost cried. They were so deadpan and funny and then so matter of fact about stepping into almost certain death.

I had this flash last night while I was re-reading TWP. I realized what an important and subtle role gender plays in the unraveling of Cnaiur. When he’s watching Serwe sleep he thinks, “so beautiful. So like his forgotten wife” (32). That forgotten wife is Anissi (sp?) and she is half Norsirai? Is this a chain that starts with Moenghus and ends with Kellhus. It seems like women carry the reverberation enacted at both ends by the Anasurimbors and that gender blurs in the middle as does love and hate. It is through this that Cnaiur, although he is somewhat awake, is undone. But maybe he’s just nuts. Am I pulling this out of thin air?

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