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Who was Kellus talking to? posted 27 June 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWho was Kellus talking to? by Nerdanel, Peralogue

I think outside of the strict hierarchy of Ishuäl, the Dûnyain are natural enemies. I think it's like the Kellhus/Comphas clash that came to be because both were so similar. Kellhus and Comphas are both ambitious and charismatic manipulators of other people, and while Kellhus is plain better in every respect, Conphas is good enough not to be taken in by Kellhus's deceptions and to mount some plausible opposition.

I think the Dûnyain sent Kellhus fully knowing that Kellhus and Moënghus would never cooperate. One would kill the other. Either that, or one would manipulate the other from the shadows in order to gain a greater control over the world, since there are few tools more effective than a Dûnyain who thinks he is making his own choices... view post


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