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Halos about Kellhus' hands? posted 26 June 2007 in Author Q & AHalos about Kellhus' hands? by professor plum, Peralogue

But why would such a virus be tied to the No-God? Why would people be able to feel his dreadful presence beyond the horizon if he was just a monster-controlling death factory?

A mundane cause of universal stillbirths would require a pretty damn effective transmission mechanism. It wasn't some or many or most babies that were stillborn while the No-God was around, it was every single one. And that stopped after he was heronspeared, right? (Or am I speculating?) So, in Eärwa, I think the metaphysical explanation for this is more plausible.

Man I feel like a loser for typing that last sentence.

Anyway, I fully admit that my theory is pretty much idle speculation spun out into a rather long post. What I do think it has going for it, though, is that it seems to answer a bunch of questions without throwing up too many new ones.

As for Mog's accursed remains, well, Achamian doesn't know what the No-God is. For all we know the Consult may have merely collected the remnants of the Carapace. view post


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