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Was Cnauir gay? posted 25 June 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWas Cnauir gay? by Nerdanel, Peralogue

Cnaiür was gay, gay, gay and in total denial about it. I think Moënghus probably chose him because he was gay and therefore easier to turn against the customs of the People. A lot has been said on the subject of Cnaiür's gayness. One thing that hasn't been mentioned is how in one scene Cnaiür thinks about Conphas's pretty eyelashes. I think the true reason Cnaiür refused to kill Conphas was that he was in love with him, although Cnaiür's unhealthy repressed feelings lead him into homophobia and violent rage.

Cnaiür also doesn't seem to have had any children before little Moënghus, conceived in front of Kellhus in an attempt to show off heterosexuality. I think the reason is his desire for "illicit congress" with his wives. I think he liked to have sex in ways that allowed him to imagine he was having sex with a man, and that's why there were no children. I don't think the lack of children is explicitly mentioned anywhere, but the absence of mention is glaring. For example, think about the dream sequence in which Moënghus has taken Cnaiür's animals and wives, but Cnaiür's children are nowhere to be seen.

Re: slash, I think most M/M slash is written by heterosexual females for the same reason that heterosexual men like Lesbian p*orn. Even when published authors write about homosexual characters, I have noticed that most female authors portray homosexual males and male authors females. That's why when a male author writes about gay men, it gets one thinking... view post


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