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Those wacky Dunyain, sorcery and other ramblings posted 24 June 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Those wacky Dunyain, sorcery and other ramblings by Nerdanel, Peralogue

What strikes me most about the Dûnyain is how they in their pursuit of total freedom have been forming themselves into perfect tools. The ideal Dûnyain is like a highly capable machine unswayable by love or pity or passing whims. They are like the skin-spies, but more effective and harder to detect. They are devoted into manipulating others, but they are blind to see how their own preconceptions chain them far tighter than any mundane religion or habit. It is telling that the word "Dûnyain" means "Truth", and I don't think that's any more objective or closer to the fundamental truths than the similarly manipulatively named "Objectivism". A Dûnyain will strive to control everyone and everything around him, turning them into extensions of his will, and in turn extensions of the mold implied by the Dûnyain philosophy, making the whole shebang far easier to predict and control behind the scenes for someone who knows what's makes a Dûnyain tick.

I think it may not be a coincidence that the words "Logos" and "Lokung" are so close to each other. Yes, I'm saying that like the Scylvendi, the Dûnyain follow on a path set by the No-God. Despite the superficial differences between the two, both are fine examples of the D&D term Lawful Evil. Kellhus also observed that the warlike Scylvendi culture was stable to a curious degree. The Dûnyain culture has also been essentially changeless for two thousand years. I think they are both results of skillful memetic engineering.

Of course this raises the question of why the Consult has been ignorant of the Dûnyain. My answer is that during the Apocalypse the Consult was just that, a mere consultative (and even that may have been the Consult being as self-aggrandizing as they possibly could without offending their master) agency to the No-God who called the shots. Since I think the No-God has been sorely underestimated by this board, I don't think beyond the reach of possibility that most of the Consult has been out of the loop for certain intrigues during the Apocalypse. (I think Mekeritrig knew, however, based on his showing in the Prologue, although he may have forgotten since.) During the Apocalypse the generals of the good guys had a hard time avoiding getting murdered, and there was also that mysterious burning of ships that was never solved. That suggests an undercover group of bad guys, and I think those were the Dûnyain, posing as harmless monks, which I suppose they were once upon a time before they were converted to their "Truth".

I think the Dûnyain were directed by the No-God to Ishuäl. I think their purpose was to take in the heir of the Anasûrimbor line in order to co-opt the prophecy and make the destined return to be a sign of doom rather than hope. The fulfilling of the prophecy then got delayed far more than anyone had anticipated, but the Dûnyain kept to their purpose. view post


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