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Che Guevara posted 24 June 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionChe Guevara by non-Ajencis, Commoner

Many people in the West don't understand how their easy lives are actually supported by the poorer nations of this world.

Your coffee, your bananas, your diamonds, your oil, all come from the oppression, and degradation of poor people in third world countries. It really is a zero sum game.

People ask..."Why do they hate us?"

Because we take their resources, and take them in a way that keeps them poor.

Not by might, but by greed. We buy their politicians, their industry, their laws, and say..."Hey! We are just using the free market model, and a free market is fair and just!"

The free market is tilted towards those with the most money. Usually handed down from rich parents who got their money from rich grandparents, who got their money from robber barons and commodity cartels in the 1800's.

I am not a communist, I think, or a a socialist, just a citizen who is trapped in the machine like most folks.

Che Guevera tried to put a wrench in the machine, by the only way he knew how. Popular, violent revolution.

That's how it's done. I can't think of any other way for an oppressed people to overcome tyrants. And by tyrants I also mean oligarchs, aristocrats, technocrats, bankers, and industrialists. They are the Marie Antoinettes of this time.

A well as the John Kerrys, and the Bushes, and the Kennnedys.

Let them eat cake (or hi-speed internet, and gasoline), indeed.

Perhaps Guevera was naive, or misguided, but he tried to break the cycle of oppression in Cuba, but like they say, the road to hell...

I am sure many folks don't think of George Washington as a murderer, but he actually won. And winners write their histories. view post


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