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The Aspect-Emperor posted 24 June 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]The Aspect-Emperor by non-Ajencis, Commoner

The thing that intrigued me about the synopsis of Aspect Emperor is Achamian's quest to find the origins of the Dunyain. I think that is going to be the main thrust of the next book. Well, maybe not the main thrust, but a seriously wicked leg sweep.

I think we will pick up Achamian's travels in northern Galeoth. He has decided to head north into ancient Kuniuri after receiving some intriguing information from the Galeoth spice/fur traders that make the run to Atrithau. He joins a caravan, and has many fine adventures on the way, evading Sranc, and Scarlet Spire Schoolmen looking for his Wizard scalp. He also meets and befriends a wizened, joke-cracking, mischievous witch, who has some skills that will come in handy. Maybe even provide a love interest for the lovelorn old man.

He believes the clues to the origins of the Dunyain are near or about the wasted, ancient city of Tryse. He convinces a young Galeoth trader to accompany him after learning that he is one of the Few. Achamian now has a guide, as well as a student. That's as far as I have gotten. Lol. What Achamian learns of the Dunyain there is anyone's guess and Mr. Bakker's prerogative.

But that would be cool I think. Achamian MUST learn of the Dunyain if he is to have any chance against the Consult. Perhaps to teach Kellhus of his ancestry, and hopefully they become friends again. view post


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