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Scope posted 24 June 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Scope by non-Ajencis, Commoner

I suppose anything is possible. The Ark came down, I guess it could go back up.

Maybe Kellhus will eventually find himself at the Ark and power it up?

Who knows? (Bakker, obviously, lol)

I think, I hope, we will see more of the geography from the map in the book.

Zeum...The deep Carathay of the Ancient North ( Orsi, Akksersik, the Great Kavarsus Range, maybe even Eanna?)

Looking forward to traveling with these characters, and new ones across this world. I liked the Mediteraean vibe, but I also like the deep forests, mountains, steppe, and seas. ( maybe a chapter describing a sea voyage, and pirates??? That would be great!)

I love the drama, the characters, but I also love the settings, and descriptions thereof. Maybe I am old, and falling into a love of view post


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