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Those wacky Dunyain, sorcery and other ramblings posted 24 June 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Those wacky Dunyain, sorcery and other ramblings by non-Ajencis, Commoner

One thing that fascinated me about Kellhus, and the Dunyain is their complete naivete. They work on their mission in total oblivion. In a vacuum.

Once Kellhus leaves the "monastery" he is at the mercy of strangers, and also depends on the kindness of strangers.

I cannot call Kellhus a protagonist, he has no human, or humane qualities. He is the main character, I believe, but he is not the hero, or villain.

This is what makes this story so compelling, frustrating, maddening, and ultimately original. You want to like this guy (this thing?) but he is not human.

He has no morals, except the ones he learns to use for his own purposes. A sociopath of the highest order. God...I see myself sometimes in his lack of compassion, of his humanity, and it scares me that I can be callous. By the end of TTT, I came to some kind of equilibrium with his character, and came to understand him as a device, not a character.

I don't hate him, nor do I love him. He just IS. Like the weather. A force of nature.

The Dunyain , I think, seem to be a malformed , and mal-evolved entity. Knowledge sought at the expense of anything human to view it through. Pure knowledge, un-filtered. No right, no wrong.

I think Kellhus, and the Dunyain are an abomination that I can only liken to something from Dune. Kellhus is the Quisatz Hadderach. God Emperor.

Anyone see a similarity?

Shit...I have not read Dune in many a moon. I think I'll read it again for the umpteenth time. That was a seminal book. view post


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