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Logos is theft posted 19 June 2007 in The Warrior ProphetLogos is theft by Callan S., Auditor

Know those beatles who learn the antenae movements to prompt ants to give them food? That's the dunyain.

I wouldn't describe as theft though, but betrayal right at level of blood. The dunyain are humans, who wouldn't exist if not for the aspirations and efforts of humans before them. Their complete disconection from world born, where they offer nothing to that which brought them a chance to exist here, is betrayal of origin.

It's actually more logical the way world born by and large work together. The dunyain, while it values itself, ignore the origins of what it values. This is much like pushing your queen forward without being protected by pawns, simply because they are pawns and worldborn. That's an irrational move, somewhere in their history, and carried forward perfectly by their exacting discipline.

Damn I'd love a book about their history as refugees! See, I always thought Kelhus is a complete non character, like a cyclone or avalanche in a story isn't a character. The only character you see in him is when he briefly feels for Esme's safety, or when he briefly hurts at hearing a consult say (correctly) she doesn't really love him.

He's empty - he's just a reflection of some choice someone made, wayyyy back in the refugee period and carried through perfectly. I want to see what tipped the avalanche off! view post


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