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Esmet's betrayl, Bakker's massogeny, and a criticism posted 19 June 2007 in The Warrior ProphetEsmet's betrayl, Bakker's massogeny, and a criticism by Callan S., Auditor

I think there are some misogynistic beliefs involved in the accusation of mysogyny in the authors works.

A woman earns money through sex, and latter there are several notable men she sleeps with.

"Oh my god, what a misogynistic writer he is, to have her to do all those horrible things!"

I think it's pretty mysoginistic to consider those things horrible by default.

It's deciding why a woman would choose to do those does not matter in the least ("Who cares why she did it, that doesn't matter, it's horrible!"). That's misogynistic, in my mind.

The idea that she just flounces along to the next strongest man only has wind to it if you decide for her that her choice to have sex with them is horrible. view post


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