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Akka and Kelhus will be the Greatest Ordeal posted 16 June 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Akka and Kelhus will be the Greatest Ordeal by Callan S., Auditor

Quote: "kariyas":2nhetwz8
This be my first post and I just finished reading the book. Man I am so pumped up after that ending.

What an Evil person Kelhus is. He took everything from Akka and what does he get in return? A Thanks? NO he doesnt even get Esmi back. That Fricking Ungreatful Harlet!! Im sooo mad that she doesnt realise what a mistake shes making.

All that said and done. what a read that was. I feel like Akka has been awoken, almost unleashed u might say. Hes so ganster to not even LOOK the emperor when he called his name. he just paused , listened and walked away.. And he denounced him as a prophet!!! This is the Akka I was hoping to see, the dont give a **** Akka. And he also denounced Esmi which was hard to read but was the right thing.[/quote:2nhetwz8]
He ingored an emporer, he denounced a prophet...a god, just about. But he didn't denounce her...he stammered, he lied to himself. That's the sort of love that's being described here - emporers and gods are meaningless in it's wake.

And she isn't making a mistake - she takes her position as to be the best thing for everyone. And by and large she's right. But she also knows it's a lie to herself - remember the consult possessed her and found she didn't really love Kelhus. Kelhus recognised that too.

She loves a better world, a better hope for everything. She wants that to come before all else, its the RIGHT thing.

And it's a lie. She loves Akka more than all of that.

She just hasn't had the choice layed before her yet - him or the world. She hasn't had to face having to give up one for the other. view post


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