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What is going on in Iraq? posted 13 June 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat is going on in Iraq? by Zarathinius, Auditor

Quote: "Randal":1jhrrftx
As for why Bush attacked... I never did understand. At the time, I believed they had WMDs, but I thought that wasn't a sensible reason to attack either. Of course, I never bought the Al-Queda connection, and neither did anybody else in Europe that I know. Now, I just don't know. Pride? A belief they could easily reform the Middle East and avert a long-term threat to the US? Those seem most likely to me. [/quote:1jhrrftx]

Pride, certainly. Mixed with equal parts ignorance and a belief in "magical" solutions (topple Saddam, Iraqis greet us as liberators, Middle East becomes stable, yay! Oops). Add in some Islamophobia and political lobbyists, and you've got a nice recipe for something truly dreadful. view post


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