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What is going on in Iraq? posted 12 June 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat is going on in Iraq? by Zarathinius, Auditor

The US has to fight because we got suckered into believing that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (a false claim, made to call up ghosts from the Cold War between the US and Soviet Russia) and connections to Al Queda (also a false claim, made to take advantage of American ignorance of the Middle East).

Also, the US rejected UN offers of help early on, preferring to throw its big fat American weight around and do things without international strings attached. Now we've failed in Iraq, the Taliban is returning to Afghanistan, and we wonder why the rest of the world sees the USA as a country of ignorant pissants lead by an asshat president. No one else wants to get dragged into the quagmire, and our few remaining friends are mostly interested in making money.

Also also, the Iraq war has put the USA trillions of dollars into debt. Most countries barely have a fraction of that much economic clout. After WWII the USA enjoyed an economic boom because it had been its own war machine with its own wartime economy, but now we rely on international trade partners (and by that I mean "China") for everything from steel to socks.

Also also also, many European countries have a much higher percentage of Muslims in their population, and they tend to be more radical than American Muslims. You remember the riots in France not too long ago? Imagine that happening on a much larger scale throughout Europe. They aren't foolish enough to create that kind of turmoil inside their own borders.

I'm sure I forgot a few, but those should be enough to depress you for a while. Would our friends from countries other than America please provide more depressing information? view post


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