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Achamian posted 12 June 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Achamian by Cohen, Peralogue

interesting insights and ideas on this thread, but the whole idea of the next series starting 20 years later troubles me and brings me to question.

1. How old was Seswatha when the first Apocalypse happened, I was under the impression that history would repeat itself in the second, Celmomas=Khellus Seswatha=Achamian.

2. With events unfolding so quickly in the first three novels, why would it take another 20 years for anything of importance to happen? why would we rejoin the story with Akka being an old bitter ex mandate? Surely it does not take 20 years for him to learn or discover the truth behind Khellus.

3. With the consult resurfacing, will the mandate not be more active in pursuing open war or at the least trying to track down the origins of the skin spies, and more?

4.After the battle of Kiyuth, the plainsmen are scattered and defeated, and the heathen Kian also crushed, and if Khellus truly believes in the consult and the Apocalypse prophesies, is 20 years an feesible timeline to wait before warring in the north? why not strike when a major faction of the last apocalypse has been rendered usless prevoiusly by Conphas?

This could be just a result of my whorish mind and eyes craving more words from Bakker, I don't want to miss anything Akka is thinking or doing for the next 20 years! view post


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