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The idea of global beauty posted 06 June 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionThe idea of global beauty by Zarathinius, Auditor

I think those who referenced Pythagoras and nature were both correct. There exists a concept called "Sacred" or "Golden" Geometry, the idea that there are certain proportions that are inherently perfect or ideal (please, no tangent arguments about the use of the word "perfect").

Specifically, the Golden Ratio (known by way too many pretentious names), approximately 1 : 1.618, is believed by some to be the most visually appealing proportion for just about anything, and indeed variations of it can be found in nature.

It is my belief that the garish colors that characterized the 1970's are considered distasteful today specifically because they were so unnatural. And who doesn't feel a little bit depressed when they see row upon row of suburban houses all painted the same color and to the same building plan, as they so often are? Housing that is built in one fell swoop does not reflect the natural growth of human communities that can be seen in old neighborhoods.

So the concept of global beauty is more about familiarity than an inherent aesthetic sensibility.

This is my personal, barely researched, and off-the-cuff opinion. Feel free to critique it until it screams for mercy. For that matter, feel free to disregard it completely. view post


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