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TTT, that which comes after and golgotterath? posted 28 May 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]TTT, that which comes after and golgotterath? by Buckethead, Peralogue

i personally don't think that moenghus came up short in using the thousandfold thought, as i said before i think it is a matter of the information one intakes and how it is sifted, filtered, calculated etc. i think it is clear that kellhus in his short period of time experienced a more broad range of the three sea's culture, religion and theory thus at least making him able to confuse his father. i don't think it ever discusses the fact that moenghus cannot fully grasp the thousandfold thought, only that he hadn't calculated certain information that kellhus had (including religious, magical and visual information). if he came up short in anything, it was his ability to gather the information not his ability to organize it. view post


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