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Was Cnauir gay? posted 25 May 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWas Cnauir gay? by Cohen, Peralogue

I have read this thread from 1st post to last and while I found it quite hilarious at moments I also felt like violently shaking sense into some of the posters. I cannot believe that people want to label Cnauir with some 21st century moniker...GAY, Cnauir is not gay in the 21st century version of the word in any way. I concede the point that yes , Cnauir had sex with men ie. Moengus, but as a Dunyain Moengus did this to further possess Cnauir, and Cnuair raped Conphas in order to possess and break him,(Breaker of horses and men) to prove to Conphas that he was the most violent of men, to prove to himself ,as Cnauir was contstantly inadequite in his own mind. But I never found his homosexual acts to be defined as strictly the need to have sex with men for gratification.There was always underlining meaning with him.

If indeed we must label Cnuair, he is as he defines himself, most violent of all men, and how can you call yourself that if you are not willing to fuck another man in the ass? Why hold prejudice to men in terms of rape when you seek to possess with fear?

Cnauir was not gay, he was possessed by a Dunyain, and damaged beyong repair. Most of you seem to be blinded by the homosexual acts instead of the meaning behind the acts. Cnauir was the product of an absolute mindfuck by Moengus and constantly battled the after effects of this interaction, he felt wronged and shame acompanies that wrong doing.Cnauir did not lust after men as a label of gay might insinuate. He blood lusted after one man, the very man that poseesed him in all ways, a Dunyain monk. view post


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