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Language posted 20 July 2004 in Author Q & ALanguage by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

Quote: "Cu'jara Cinmoi":1422wyh7
Well, I think there's a couple of places where I let the temptation to preach get the better of me in TWP... And there's the actual biblical passages I work into the text here and there. And then there's the reworking of the Sermon on the Mount (or part of it, anyway).

The thing is I really have no problem with religion itself. I think certainty is the disease, and that most religion, like nationalism and dogmatism of almost every stripe, is simply a symptom.[/quote:1422wyh7]

Ah...maybe it's because I'm used to seeing religion discussed as being akin to a philosophical school, but I really didn't notice anything overt there. But for those that aren't used to that...well, yeah, that could lead to some anger. But I'd maintain that the majority of those who will read your books will be those who've already been exposed to more than just what a particular religious creed instructs.

And yes, certainty is indeed a mass mental disease, but I'd qualify the above by saying most applications of religion, just because certain other religious applications can lead to searching out for more views and then possibly toward attempts to understand others without ever being truly "certain" about things. Other than that, I agree with your sentiments. view post


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