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Earwian like worlds (like ie. Kane series) posted 21 May 2007 in General DiscusssionEarwian like worlds (like ie. Kane series) by coobek, Candidate

Recently I have been rereading out of boredom some of my bookshelf and found the Kane series. I must admit that it is the only other known to me series with the mix of SF/fantasy, other races/aliens, technology/magic similar to Earwa. Of course the style of writing, type and the depth of the literature are completely different. None-the -less I forgotten how full of secrets this Wagnerian world is/was. It is also a good basis for a lot of good stories. It is sad that Wagner died in his 40ies If I can recall. The Kane character was pretty well written for hack&slash fantasy. Actually I do not think it was plain hack&slash like Connan but certainly more sinister and dark.

Anyway do anyone else reading Wagner have such thoughts?

Maybe someone has other literature with Earwian style world to recommend?

From the pop-culture also early Might&Magic RPG series had this mixture of SF/Fantasy which I found rather refreshing and interesting. view post


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