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Akka and Kelhus will be the Greatest Ordeal posted 18 May 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Akka and Kelhus will be the Greatest Ordeal by kariyas, Commoner

This be my first post and I just finished reading the book. Man I am so pumped up after that ending.

What an Evil person Kelhus is. He took everything from Akka and what does he get in return? A Thanks? NO he doesnt even get Esmi back. That Fricking Ungreatful Harlet!! Im sooo mad that she doesnt realise what a mistake shes making.

All that said and done. what a read that was. I feel like Akka has been awoken, almost unleashed u might say. Hes so ganster to not even LOOK the emperor when he called his name. he just paused , listened and walked away.. And he denounced him as a prophet!!! This is the Akka I was hoping to see, the dont give a **** Akka. And he also denounced Esmi which was hard to read but was the right thing.

I think hes going to ally himself with Cnaiur ur skiotha!!! and bring War to Kelhus!

I know the spoiler says that Kelhus is going to war in the north to save man kind but I dont see it. This will ultimately come down to Akka against Kelhus and I dont see any other fit to it. There will be the side stories of the consult, no god and the new war but it comes down to these 2 characters fighting it out. I also believe that Akka isnt as weak as people think he is. He will be par with Kelhus, perhaps not in the new book but eventually with in the series.

They will meet again but he will not Kneel!!!

Sorry for the bad words etc. Just so pumped after that book, Bakker is da man!!! view post


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