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What happens when your soul leaves your body? posted 15 May 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat happens when your soul leaves your body? by avatar_of_existence, Peralogue

Quote: "Warrior-Poet":2sxafj99
Truly to ask "What happens when your soul leaves your body?" You must also ask What is it to die? What is death?[/quote:2sxafj99]

Death is the consequence of our ancestors eating a certain fruit in a certain garden
death is the entropy of order
death is the reshaping of energy
death is oblivion
death is a skeleton in a black cloak holding a scythe
death is tremulous reunion with the almighty
death is when the soul leaves the body?
death is all of this and more.
or not.
death is etc. etc. etc.
so, the list goes on and on. I have never had a near death experience. I am not dead. Yet death to me still seems familiar, I am aware of my own and of those around me. After reading Catch-22, at the end (spoiler) he realizes, holding the dead body of a comrade, that our bodies are sacks of garbage without our spirit or soul or mind (its really all the same?).

So I guess death to me is when energy has reached it's potential in it's current form (even if that potential is cut tragically short). And when we die we go back to where we came from. view post


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