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Questions about Xerius posted 08 May 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtQuestions about Xerius by anor277, Didact

Just a thought on why (maybe) the Consult stayed their hand with respect to Xerius when they knew, well in advance, that he had conspired with the Fanim to betray the holy war. Had the heir to the throne, Conphas, been committed to the Holy War, then the Consult would have turned off the treacherous Xerius very early on. Conphas of course was just as duplicitous as Xerius (and much more capable) so any move against Xerius would not have been complete until Conpahs had also been nobbled. (This is probably a failure in the Consult's long term plans - after they knew Xerius has been eliminated, they should have taken steps to neutralize Conphas - but for Kellhus and Achamian, Conphas would have succeeded in the Holy War's destruction before Shimeh.) view post


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