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Questions about Xerius posted 03 May 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtQuestions about Xerius by anor277, Didact

Quote: "Gravity Gun":2ml67w24
First, why did the Consult choose to kill him?[/quote:2ml67w24]

i) Because he was superfluous

ii) Because the Consult knew that he planned to betray the march on Shimeh.

iii) Because he provoked the desire of a skin spy (whom he had also unmasked) into a killing rage.

Second, how did he think he could get away with destroying the Holy War in front of Shimeh, even if he succeeds? This is war, involving hundreds of thousands of people -- there's no way he could keep this a secret. How can he possibly escape the greatest outrage (the Shrial Censure would be the least of his problems) among the Inrithi?

Perhaps he hoped to present his populace with a fait accompli. Evidently he trusted the Fanim more than his Inrithi brothers. It is also true that Xerius was probably not a very deep thinker. view post


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