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Breaker of Horses and Men posted 26 April 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Breaker of Horses and Men by Coldsnap, Commoner

As brilliant as the plot is, and I do truly mean that: the Dunyain phiolosophy, the clash of religions, Kellhus and Moengus, Achamian and Sesthwana... the historical clash between the ancient kingdoms and the Inchoroi, sranc, scylvendi and the No-god...

Who is with me here? I see him underestimated here and there in these threads because he was world-born or not a sorceror, or one person implied he was just a product of having been used by Moenghus...

But let's not forget that he impressed Kellhus more than anyone else. I would wager he was the greatest mortal warrior to walk the earth, brilliant strategist, massive in all contexts... larger than life! His descriptions throughout the novels are fantastic, his penetration of all Kellhus tries! His one-liners are the best! Better than all the ajencis and dunyain philosophies. He is brutual and horrifying, and yet my favorite part of all the novels. My god, sometimes i reread how much he stands apart from even the Scylvendi as Most-violent of all Men! He beats sarcellus in one on one battle, he kills hundreds in the battle of Kiyuth, he give Kellhus pause in their first and only fight... and he represents, to me, a pure and brilliant anti-thesis to some of the concepts that the world seems to be run on: Dunyain perception and control, Sorcery, Religion, Inchoroi....

And so that is all I have to say as my first post! In a world so complex, full of insanely powerful creatures, sorceres, people.... Cnauir was by far my most favorite! view post


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