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Is Achamian the No God? (TWP, pg 12)... posted 23 April 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtIs Achamian the No God? (TWP, pg 12)... by Gravity Gun, Candidate

This explanation, as with any other possible explanation, leaves one big gap for me: the apparent nature of the NG (death and destruction) and its bizzare questions. It clearly wants to destroy the human world, so why when we meet it, it asks all these strange questions, instead of talking about anything related to the Apocalypse (which should have been priority to him, to say the least)?

Besides, if the NG is an oversoul -- why would it want to destroy other souls? Maybe it's the collective soul of those who are damned? The Consult somehow managed to pull it out of Hell, and it desperately doesn't want to go back? This would explain its destructive tendency -- no one alive, no crime; no crime, no damnation. But then this would divorce it from the explanation for the stillborn babies. Also it still doesn't explain why it asks these questions. view post


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